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The Hecatoncheires or Hundred Handed Ones were three primordial sons of the earth (Gaea) and the sky (Uranus) in the stories of the ancient Greeks.  They had 100 arms and 50 heads!  Gaia gave them their names: Briareus, the Vigorous; Cottus, the Furious; Gyes, the Big-Limbed.  Their appearance was so treacherous and frightening that Uranus cast them into the pit of Tarturus to be imprisoned by the great bronze walls...  


The Hundred Handed Ones' anger grew with their confinement, but they learned to master their limbs and control their temper in order to take advantage of an opportunity for escape if it presented itself.  While the years passed they waited and trained.  Zeus was destined to defeat his father Cronus and assume his role as the king of all Gods, but he lacked the proper tools to fulfill his destiny.  Finally their moment came.  In order to gain the aid of Zeus, the Hundred Handed Ones had to prove they had mastered their strange physical characteristics.  In the final task to verify their mastery, Briareus forged Zeus' first bolts of lightening, then Poseidon's trident and finally Hades' dark helmet.   Their assistance was pivotal to Zeus' success in overthrowing the Titans and ending the reign of Cronus.  

We have referenced the story of the Hundred Handed Ones to accept adversity and seek our inner strength to complete something larger than ourselves.  We must embrace our gifts and celebrate the the wisdom of technique, skill and practice.  


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The Hundred Handed Ones are a collective of independent artists based in Western Washington.  This group was founded by Travis Skinner and Travis Conn while constructing the Anglerfish Sauna.  Please ask us any questions about working together on a project...


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Swooping Swallow Sconce