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Anglerfish Sauna Book Published **October 31, 2021**
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What inspired us to make a 17 foot model of a female Anglerfish that is a wood-fired sauna on wheels? These pages will lead you on a multimedia journey through the conceptual design, the process of construction, and meaning within the sculpture. There will not be instructions on how each part is made, as all of the techniques reflect a nuanced relationship between the artist and the material. This relationship is explored through a process of design that allows the characteristics of the media to guide the construction.

The Anglerfish Sauna stimulates a connection with the natural world. It encourages the participants to step into a new environment. It forces one to unsheathe their material identity, to bow and slip into a primordial cave. An experience outside of one's self. To remove our masks. To immerse yourself into a piece of artwork, where the walls are the canvas. It is not décor, it is function. You are a part of the piece and to experience it you have to take part. Take a seat, get comfortable and warm your soul with this sauna story.

52 Image FLIPBOOK of the construction of the Anglerfish Sauna in bottom corner!! 


The Anglerfish Sauna
Swooping Swallow Sconce
snail shell sauna
Composting Toilet
Copper Snail Cupola Cap
The Leafspring
Bay Coffee Hut
1964 VW Valkery Bus
Noah's Loft


The Hundred Handed Ones Architectural Arts Collective is dedicated to connecting the design of the project with the crafts people who create it.  Each material and the techniques of the practitioner guide the process.  


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The Hundred Handed Ones are a collective of independent artists based in Western Washington.  .  Please ask us any questions about working together on a project...


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